Here, you’ll find mixes and tracks that feature Valiant Emcee. There are more to come, so stay tuned…

A collaboration between Buffalo NY’s ALLDAY and VALIANT EMCEE, “Queen City Bass” is a celebration of the rich and perhaps underappreciated drum-n-bass pedigree of the Queen City. Allday has risen as DJ in the past five years, while Valiant Emcee’s tenure has spanned nearly two decades, and together they bring the evolution of the city’s drum-n-bass scene full circle. This mix is a selection of upfront dnb and jungle mixed and scratched in a way that would make DJ Marky proud, with a vocal treatment designed to highlight every bass line and breakdown while still keeping the vibe alive. “Play this in your car, and we’ll destroy the woofers!”

A collaboration between Toronto DJ/Producer, DJ 6IX, and Buffalo NY based VALIANT EMCEE, this mix aims to hearken back to the vibe of LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad (and later DRS) in their Logical Progression and Progression Sessions heyday. As longtime veterans of drum-n-bass music, this mix is both a throwback to those sounds, and a bold push into the future. 6ix weaves together a selection of music that is both emotionally deep and ready for the dancefloor. It’s lush, bassy, and diverse, perfectly reflecting his production philosophy. Valiant bookends his new and current vocal material with two sets of 16 bars that he wrote back in 1998 when he started performing, emulating MC’s Conrad, DRS and Dynamite in those early days. In between, he talks about science fiction, literature, rock and roll, hardcore punk, futurism, failing in relationships, and more. Deep, late night vibes throughout.