With over two decades as a self-described “drum-n-bass narrator”, Canadian-based Valiant Emcee has carved out a unique space for himself in the realm of DnB vocalism. With years of work as a promoter, emcee, podcaster, broadcaster, and recording artist, his voice is among the continent’s most distinctive. After cutting his teeth on Buffalo’s long running DnB radio show “Underground FM”, he cemented his musical identity as resident MC for the city’s legendary Return and Factory weeklies, and playing across North America before taking a lengthy hiatus. Upon his return to drum-n-bass, he resumed hosting sets for some of the biggest artists in the genre before starting up his renowned podcast “The Vocal”. Since then he’s released on such labels as Fokuz, Soul Deep, Scale Step, and Dutty Bass Audio, taken part in the American edition of Bellyman’s Car Bars, joined the American MC collective Semper Fye, and started a weekly live streaming talk show, “Roti and Poutine” with fellow MC greats Armanni Reign and T.R.A.C. Going forward, Valiant Emcee will soon unveil his own label, “Drawn By Hand Records”, as a nexus for his musical and artistic output. Stay tuned for more music and news.